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Considering Bankruptcy

Providing Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer legal help for people considering bankruptcy in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, Edina and all of Minnesota.

People who are drowning in debt often find they are considering bankruptcy. The decision to file for debt relief under the bankruptcy law is an important one. Consumers who feel serious financial pressures should carefully review their financial picture. Doing a proper analysis of your full financial picture is extremely important in considering bankruptcy. It can be very helpful to get legal help from an experienced Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer in gathering necessary information, organizing it, reviewing all relevant concerns and reviewing the potential for debt relief outside of bankruptcy. A proper review of a consumer's financial picture in considering bankruptcy may include a thorough review of monthly earnings, money available after paying all cost-of-living expenses, secured debt obligations, savings, potential ways to reduce financial pressures through budget adjustment, review of current assets, reviewing immediate and long-term personal and family needs. An important consideration is how much interest a person is paying on debt owed and how long it would take retire that debt. A significant related consideration is if you do not have to pay those interest payments how else you could use that money. In reviewing the situation, you should consider how you could reduce current expenses and/or increase income to meet current financial pressures. It is helpful to prepare a sample adjusted budget based on your current income, debt, monthly bills, cash reserves, retirement savings and assets. If adjusting your budget cannot relieve your current financial pressures, then you may explore the potential for getting creditors to reduce their financial pressure through negotiations. If you've gone through a thorough analysis of your financial situation and still do find that you will be able to suitably meet your financial stress, then bankruptcy may be a helpful option.

Bankruptcy option

Consumers who find it is impossible to meet financial strain through adjusting the budget, negotiation of debt with creditors, reducing expenses or getting additional income, may find debt relief through bankruptcy. An experienced Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer may be very helpful in reviewing a consumer's potential for debt relief under the bankruptcy act. You can discuss with the lawyer what, if any, exemptions may potentially apply to protect assets in the type of bankruptcy you are considering filing. That bankruptcy attorney may explain your options as well as rights and responsibilities under prevailing bankruptcy law.

Debt Relief Under Bankruptcy

People who find that the financial pressures make it difficult for them to work, deal with financial demands, family pressures, sleep and properly function on a daily basis may find the bankruptcy option to be very helpful. It is important to remember though that a consumer must fully qualify for debt relief under a specific part of bankruptcy law such as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. A skilled Minnesota bankruptcy attorney can help a person considering bankruptcy in a number of ways including explaining which bankruptcy chapter, if any, is best suited for a person, dischargeable debts, how the bankruptcy papers will need to be prepared, what happens in a bankruptcy and what generally may be expected after bankruptcy.

Experienced Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorneys

An experienced Minnesota bankruptcy attorney may greatly assist a person who feels like he or she is drowning in debt. Neff Law Firm, P.A., lawyers have over fifty years of combined bankruptcy experience helping clients with debt relief. These bankruptcy attorneys have helped many consumers who have found that they are unable to meet their expenses and/or debt demands because of insufficient income because of sudden or unexpected financial reversals. The bankruptcy attorneys at Neff Law Firm, P.A., are sensitive to financial pressures faced by consumers such as inability to meet weekly necessary living expenses, make mortgage payments, pay rent as it becomes due, harassment by creditors, negative contacts by a collection agency, mortgage foreclosure, credit difficulties, excessive debt, past due payment on bills, default judgments, predatory debt practices and other money pressures. A consumer may meet to discuss with a bankruptcy lawyer from the firm on more than one legal issue including bankruptcy, criminal charges or civil litigation. A confidential conference in person with one of the firm's debt relief lawyers can be made by calling the central scheduling telephone number of (952) 831-6555.

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